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At Kirk's we LOVE to SCUBA dive!! We love to jump into the ocean, go to the bottom and spend an hour there!! We love to do big deep wall and wreck dives!! We love to hang out on shallow reef dives counting fish and marveling at the ripples in the sand and the sunlight reflecting on the bottom!! We love to take photos of the amazing beauty and excitement!! We are passionate about the ocean and about SCUBA diving, and we want to share that passion with you!!

At Kirk's Dive & Surf Jensen Beach we have features that establish us as the best SCUBA training facility on the Treasure Coast!!

  • Extremely patient instructors, with over 37 years of teaching experience, that CARE about your SCUBA training

  • NEVER more than 2 students per instructor (unless you ask us to), means more specialized attention!!

  • Very thorough pool training, including 6 hours of pool time with our standard Open Water class.

  • Flex Scheduling included with our Private Open Water or our standard Advanced Open Water, makes scheduling easier!!

  • Two boat dives guaranteed with our standard Open Water class.

  • The Best Scubapro rental equipment in the world!

  • A big, beautiful, deep pool at Sailfish Splash in Stuart, FL!

  • Our Open Water Class includes the PADI e-learning fee of $217!! NO FINE PRINT!!

  • Click here to learn more about our Open Water Course.


Discover Scuba Diving
So you’re interested in learning to dive, but you’re just not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge? Discover Scuba Diving is the program for you! Discover Scuba is designed to introduce you to the beauty, fun and excitement of the underwater world under the watchful eyes of a Kirk’s instructor! This is a one day program held at Phil Foster Park in West Palm Beach. The diving at Phil Foster is easy and will be done slowly and SAFELY!! Sign up for “Discover” and we’ll have you blowing bubbles and having a great dive in no time! We expect Discover Scuba Diving to be a memorable experience that will probably ignite your desire to become a PADI certified diver with Kirk’s!! Course cost is $200 and includes all gear.



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