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Rescue Diver

Your're now a good diver who wants to be more capable? Rescue Diver is the next step!


  • Course cost $439, Including PADI e-learning fee!!

  • Rescue Diver directs the focus away from you onto your buddy and other group members.

  • Develop your ability to assist other divers! 

  • Be challenged and have FUN!

Dive Master

And if you're a dedicated Diver for LIFE, we offer the professional level class, PADI Divemaster!


  • Share your love and excitement with divers in training!

  • Guide and assist other fun divers in the water!

You can also Round Out your Scuba Education with Specialty ratings in areas that interest you like Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Dry Suit Diver, Photo, Navigation and more!


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