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AOW & Nitrox Bundle $849

Advanced Open Water

So you want to have more FUN diving? We can help you with that with our Advanced Diver programs! All PADI continuing  education starts with Advanced Open Water! Our Advanced program includes complete FLEX Scheduling!! We will run this class anytime, and we will make it fit your schedule!! For those students who need to complete their AOW quickly, we offer Private classes!


  • Course cost $699, including PADI e-learning AND 5 DIVES!!!

  • Thrills and Excitement beyond the Open Water level!

  • Choose from an exciting menu of dives: Deep, Night, Wreck, Navigation, Drift, Peak Performance Buoyancy and more!

  • Experience unlimited FUN and expand your diving skills!

  • Advanced Open Water rental package available for $175, includes all gear needed for your dives, including Nitrox!!


Do you want to stay down FOREVER? How about longer than normal? Nitrox is the next step!


  • Course cost $199, includes PADI e-learning!!

  • You will get all the basics regarding higher O2 content (It's Good).

  • You will fully understand how to use your Scubapro Nitrox computer.

  • You will dive longer and feel better afterwards!

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