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This second stage is not for everyone. Set yourself apart with the G260 Tactical edition.
The high balanced performance of the G260 is housed in a stealth, rugged, nylon fiberglass case, with a dark anodized aluminum ring.
Delivered standard with a covered LP hose swivel.

Mk25/G260 Tactical

  • Technical Information
    MK25 First Stage
    • Air Balanced Piston
    • 2 HP ports
    • 5 High Flow Ports
    • Swivel

    G260 Tactical Second Stage
    • New premium technical 2nd stage
    • G260 technology with a stealth, rugged, nylon fiberglass case and a dark anodized aluminum ring.
    • Stealth design knob and nut.
    • New covered hose swivel for total comfort and control
    • Air-balanced Flow Valve
    • Diver's Adjustable inhalation effort
    • Adjustable VIVA
    • High Flow Exhaust valve
    • Metal components for excellent cold water resistance
    • Large Diaphragm
    • Reversible Hose Attachment
    • Super Comfort High-flow mouthpiece