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Cold water divers or those frequenting harsh environments will appreciate this perfectly matched pair. The A700 is a complete complement to the MK17, a high performing balanced diaphragm first stage engineered exactly for such conditions.
Balanced technology provides consistent performance at all tank pressures, at any depth and optimizes the second stage performance.
Dry ambient pressure chamber provides better protection and performance in cold water, prevents water entry, enhancing trouble-free operation.
Balanced diaphragm design, with ultra-fast flow to the second stage to obtain the lowest possible work of breathing at depth.
Available in either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN configurations
Compact dimensions for light weight comfort.
Diver adjustable inhalation effort with micrometric adjustment knob enables personalised breathing effort control.
Newly aligned VIVA system for more precise control and comfort.
Super high flow exhaust valve allows air to exit more freely and lowers the exhalation effort; also keeps bubbles away from face and mask.


  • Technical Information
    MK17 First Stage
    Balanced diaphragm
    Chrome plated brass body
    Cold water: Anti-Freeze protection & Dry chamber
    Externally adjustable intermediate pressure
    Low pressure ports: 4 (2 HFP)
    High pressure ports: 2
    Tank connection: INT 230 bar / DIN 300 bar
    Weight: : INT 230 850g / 30oz - DIN 300 625g / 22oz
    Air Flow at 200bar: >6500 l/min - 230 SCFM
    Intermediate pressure: 9-9.8 bar / 130-142 psi

    A700 Second Stage
    Air balanced valve
    Coaxial flow
    Diver-adjustable inhalation effort
    Diver-adjustable Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA)
    Super-flow hose
    High comfort orthodontic mouthpiece
    Full metal case
    Full metal valve housing
    Weight: 265g / 9.3oz
    Air flow at 200 bar: 2000 l/min - 71 SCFM
    Maximum low pressure: 14 bar / 203 psi
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