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Go dive the world. That's our message with this true travel BC. Lightweight, easy to pack and extremely comfortable, it includes an integrated weight system and other original features, as well as SCUBAPRO quality, style and spirit of adventure. The large size weighs less than 2,7 kg / 6 lbs.
Single-air cell BC provides high buoyancy and maximum comfort for travel divers
Made in light and resistant Nylon 210 denier material covered in polyurethane
Foldable Airnet backpack is lightweight and soft, without rigid elements
The entire BC can be easily folded, secured with a dedicated buckle and stored in its own travel sack
Integrated weight system
High profile, easy to access pockets are reinforced with strong mesh for long wear and quick drying
Double tank strap provides extremely good balance in any position and reduces pressure on your back
Great lightweight shoulder strap buckles, large size aluminum D-rings
Side grommets for SCUBAPRO knife attachment
Available with Balanced Power Inflator or optional AIR2 alternate air source


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