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Local Diving


We are lucky to have fantastic diving locally, and if you enjoy Drift Diving, you’ve come to the right place! Our “go to” spot is West Palm Beach because of it’s proximity to the Gulf Stream. West Palm has a very narrow shelf, so most of the diving is done within 1 mile of shore. We have many great dive sites in the 50-60 foot range, featuring live coral reefs and really good fish population. We also offer great reef dives and wrecks in the 70-90 foot range. We work with several boats in West Palm and we are usually able to offer dives weekdays in the morning with a 9am or 10am departure and morning and afternoon dives on the weekend. If you like to dive, than you should definitely make the effort to dive in West Palm Beach! If you are a newer diver or if Drift Diving is new to you, we also offer guide service to ensure your safety and enjoyment! In addition, we have a beautiful rental fleet with state of the art Scubapro gear to take care of all your rental needs. Please contact us, and we will take care of all your local diving needs!





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